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The Trip Up (sold)
Here (sold)
Jeanne d`Arc I (SOLD)
Hello, Goodbye (SOLD)
Accidental Meeting At The Punchbowl
The Complication of You
Caught In the Undertow (SOLD)
Talk Of The Town (SOLD)
Dream Reader
Untethered (SOLD)
Crash (SOLD)
Jeanne d` Arc II (sold)
Internal Studies (SOLD)
Some Girls (SOLD)
Nantucket Blues (SOLD)
Whiskey Girl (SOLD)
Prayers For The Broken (SOLD)
Lady Mary (SOLD)
Flash Freeze (SOLD)
The Storm Inside (SOLD)
Don’t Give Up The Ship II (SOLD)
The Ebb & The Flow (SOLD)
Tree of Life (SOLD)
Ice & Bones (SOLD)
What Lies Beneath (SOLD)
Sea Salt, Champagne & Oysters (SOLD)
Don’t Give Up The Ship III (SOLD)
The Offering (SOLD
Sunset Beach (SOLD)
Whiskey Dreams Part I (SOLD)
Don’t Give Up The Ship I (SOLD)
Resolution (sold)
The Bride (SOLD)
Spring Fling (SOLD)
Ipanema Beach (SOLD)
Shipwrecked I (SOLD)
Chaos & Beauty (SOLD
Deeply (SOLD)
Eyes Closed (SOLD)
Anguilla (SOLD)
Whiskey Dreams Part II (SOLD)
Solstice (SOLD)
East Coast Blonde II (SOLD)
Sand Swept (SOLD)
Peaceful Slumber (SOLD)
Mood Elevators (SOLD)
Smoke & Mirrors (SOLD)
Shipwrecked II (SOLD)
City of Light (SOLD)
Miss February (SOLD)
The Watch Doves (SOLD)
Full Heart
December (SOLD)
Dreaming of Georgia (SOLD)
Runway Girls (SOLD)
Indigo Blues III (SOLD)
Indigo Blues I (SOLD)
Indigo Blues II (SOLD)
True (SOLD)
Lady Sings The Blues II (SOLD)
Behind The Hedges I (SOLD)
Behind The Hedges II (SOLD)
Lady Sings The Blues III (SOLD)
Feather Cove (SOLD)
Adam (SOLD)
Psych Test IV (SOLD)
Worlds Apart (SOLD)
Psych Test I (SOLD)
The Beach Glass Collector (SOLD)
Island Girl (SOLD)
Psych Test III (SOLD)
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